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Providing professional Drone and Timelapse Photography services for the Australian Construction and Real Estate industries



Using Drones and Timelapse Photography, we will capture your entire project, giving
you a detailed and complete view of your journey from start to finish.​

Drone packages for every requirement

Whether you’re in insurance, construction, engineering, or real estate, Sky Photography’s professional team is ready to take on your job. With the latest suite of drone hardware, an industry-leading software stack, and a qualified technician behind the joystick, be comfortable knowing you’ve booked a flight with the best in the business. All packages include multiple drone passes, and a choice of online or USB delivery.

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Timelapse Photography

Dazzling timelapse photography to engage and impress. From short term timelapse all the way to multi-year projects, our timelapse solutions will capture your entire project from start to finish.

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