Drone Packages

Whether you’re in insurance, construction, engineering, or real estate, Sky Photography’s professional team is ready to take on your job. With the latest suite of drone hardware, an industry-leading software stack, and a qualified technician behind the joystick, be comfortable knowing you’ve booked a flight with the best in the business. All packages include multiple drone passes, and a choice of online or USB delivery.

Timelapse Solutions

Dazzling timelapse photography to engage and impress. From short term timelapse all the way to multi-year projects, our timelapse solutions will capture your entire project from start to finish.

Basic Timelapse

The Basic Timelapse Solution is for those that need a high quality Timelapse without breaking the budget. The Basic Timelapse is a solar powered system that is designed for a project duration from 3 months to 5 years and anything in between.
The Basic Timelapse is a rental only solution.
Installation and removal price not included.

$390 Ex GST Per Month

Pro Timelapse

The Pro Timelapse Solution is for those that require more granular control of their system and the ability to change shooting intervals to anything from every 15 seconds to every hour. This system has all the options you need to have complete control of your Timelapse requirements.
The Pro Solutions can be rented or purchased.
Installation and removal price not included.

$790 Ex GST Per Month Rental

Construction Camera

The camera that can do everything. BIM integration, Gate Reporting, 3D Imagery Integration, Timelapse, Security, X-Ray Mode, and so much more. This camera will give you 24 hour access to view your site and all the tools needed to monitor progress all within one solution. Each of the features have been designed to solve problems on construction sites everyday. All features are accessible from the easy to use interface. Click on any of the features below to learn more!


Make beautiful time-lapse videos of your construction project.


Compare before and after images from any point in time. Embed these neat visual aids on your website or promotional material.

Super Zoom

Evercam digital zoom catches every detail in your project with up to 18X beyond the basic zoom level.

Live View

Enjoy a live view of your construction site from anywhere.

Edit Tool

With the image editor, you can write, highlight areas or add text to specific site locations on an image. Easily download & share it with your team.


The BIM integration feature overlays your BIM model with real-time, high-resolution images of your project.

Gate Report

The Gate Report identifies & reports all vehicles that enter & exit your site.


The X-Ray tool allows you to scan the image to compare completed work against the current status of the project.


This tool allows you to measure progress and provides you with proof of the status of your project.